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Immigration Management

  • Cancellation of non-permission of extension of stay
  • Cancellation of departure order
  • Immigration criminal defense
  • Cancellation of non-permission of changing the status of residence
  • Cancellation of forced eviction
  • Apply of temporary release of confinement Etc.

Occupational Injury Insurance (OII)

  • Occupational accident and illness
  • Commuting accident
  • Suicide & Mental illness
  • Investigate & Reinvestigate of OII
  • Administrative litigation of OII
  • Civil or Criminal reconciliation & litigation of OII Etc.

Legal Aid for Divorce and Family Litigation

  • Divorce by agreement & litigation
  • Comminjute & Mental damages
  • Residential stability of marriage interruption
  • Custody & Maintenace issue
  • Inheritance of property
  • Legal protection against family violence Etc.

Traffic accident

  • DUI
  • Criminal case (victim)
  • Criminal case (offender)
  • Insurance fraud
  • Claim damages
  • Cancellation of suspended licenses Etc.

Foreign Investment

  • Purchase of real estate
    (Grant An A-number or real estate registration)
  • Supporting investment immigration system
    (Jeju; Pyeongchang; Yeosu; ICN, Jung-gu; Haeundae)


  • Arrears of wage
  • Wrongful discharge or other improper working behaviors
  • Wage & Retirement allowance issue
  • Business disturbance & Workplace bullying
  • Sexual harassment in the workplace
  • Support fund & SISs management Etc.

Legal aid of such os other Civil, Criminal or Administrative for foreigners

Law Firm Majung Center for Foreingers

Attorney with working experience at Immigration Office

Expert attorneys with know-hows will solve the case with you!
  • Managing Partner who has worked at Refugees Department of Immigration Office
  • Law Firm Majung Center for Foreingers will only be responsible for foreigners' cases
  • Reasonable fees from the client's point of view
  • Only the experts can solve industrial accidents cases for foreigners
  • 2,800 cumulative administrative cases
  • The attorneys with experience at Korea Workers' Compensation and Welfare Service, who are familiar with the internal affairs of the Industrial Complex, will take the lead in industrial accidents for foreigners.


Work with Majung's professionals

Managing Partner, Attorney at Law Yong-Jun Kim
Attorney at law Jun-Woo Byun
Attorney at law Min-Joon Jung
Attorney at Law Wi-Jeong Kim
Attorney at Law Sang-Hyun Park
Attorney at Law Ju-Hyeong Kim
Attorney at Law Yo-Han Lee
Attorney at Law Eon-Young Park
Attorney at Law Kyu-Bo Kwon
Attorney at Law Jung-Bin Bae
Attorney at Law Jeong-Min Lee
Attorney at Law Da-Som Yoon
Attorney at law Ji-Na Hong
Attorney at law Ji-Young Lee
Attorney at law Ho-seok Seo
Attorney Young-Min Jung
Intern Attorney Jeong-min Jo
변호사 박기덕
변호사 오은기
변호사 정석함
Advisor Uk-Hee Yoon

Greeting from Managing Partner,

Your Satisfaction is our top priority.

Greeting from Managing Partner,

Your Satisfaction is our top priority.

According to the Ministry of Justice, the number of foreigners staying in Korea exceeded 2 million as of the end of June in 2019. This figure represents 4% of Korea's total population, and 1 million people have arrived within just nine years. In particular, the number of foreigners with citizenship of China (such as overseas Koreans) has exceeded 1 million, and the trend immigrating for many foreigners to Korea is expected to intensify. In addition, various foreign-related issues such as discrimination and alienation against multicultural families and foreign workers, refugee issues and foreigners' crimes are on the rise. I have worked for many years at the immigration office, and encountered many cases where people were in an unfortunate situation due to lack of accurate knowledge of domestic administration and legal system of Korea. I have found that sometimes people do not get respect for their basic human rights. families and long-term foreign residents are members of our society and neighbors living together. I believe that providing legal support for them lead to a harmonious, developed country in the long term.

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